The Freshwater Turtles Of Canada

A new book on the Freshwater Turtles of Canada is now available in English and in French; written by a young Canadian, for Canadians of all ages in support of turtle research and conservation across the country.

Even at the young age of 6, Guillaume DeBlois was concerned about Canada’s turtles, and for good reason, since all of Canada’s freshwater turtle species are in decline. Guillaume, with the guidance of his mother Julie Boudreault, set out to learn about these animals through years of research, travel across multiple provinces, visits to many natural areas and interviews with turtle researchers across Canada. The entire family pitched in to make this project successful, including Guillaume’s father Marc DeBlois and brother Grégoire DeBlois. The result of this significant effort is a tremendous book that covers all of Canada’s freshwater turtle species and subspecies.

The book is filled with beautiful photos and species accounts covering the biology, ecology, threats and conservation needs of Canada’s extant, extirpated and non-native turtle species. Additionally, there are thought provoking interviews with various Canadian herpetologists and the inspiring story of Guillaume’s journey to this point. While the book is written to appeal to young people, it is filled with information that will interest nature lovers of all ages.

This book will provide you with a snapshot into Guillaume and Julie’s tireless efforts, and a great mix of science, education and passion. A French version will be available in the near future.

The CHS is very proud to not only host this great book on our website, but to also recognize the talent and passion of a young man and his family, working hard to help in the conservation of Canada’s Freshwater Turtles. You are never too young to make a difference, and never too old to learn something new. From the CHS, and turtles across Canada, thank you Guillaume and Julie!

In support of the great new book on the Freshwater Turtles of Canada, the authors, Guillaume DeBlois and Julie Boudreault have written an informative blog post covering their work in putting this book together. A good read that shows what passion and dedication can achieve.