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Join the Chorus: Volunteers Needed to Monitor Northern Limit of Western Chorus Frog Range

April 02, 2020
Siobhan Galway and Monique Aarts, Blazing Star Environmental

With the arrival of spring, western chorus frogs (WCF) have started calling from their breeding wetlands within southwestern Ontario! For the past two years Blazing Star Environmental has partnered with Canadian Wildlife Service and Trent University to create a volunteer-based, long-term, range-wide monitoring program for the WCF in Ontario. We are excited to announce that this program has… Read More

Night on Earth: An Extraordinary Nesting Aggregation of Eastern Hognose Snakes

March 24, 2020
Leslie Anthony

The 2017 CHS conference in Brandon, Manitoba, found us in Western Hog-nosed Snake territory, a fitting venue in which to present an interesting past experience with Eastern Hog-nosed Snakes. It was purely observational, but intriguing and question-begging—one of those field encounters that makes you go Hmmm… Because of the Narcisse snake dens, no Canadian knows better than… Read More

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