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The Enigmatic Morphology of a Male Painted Turtle

May 10, 2020
Patrick Moldowan

I once met a Painted Turtle from Estaire,
he was male and without so much as a care.
When plucked from the muck, … Read More

Of Turtle Eggs and Road Work

May 03, 2020
David Seburn, Freshwater Turtle Specialist with the Canadian Wildlife Federation and chair of the CHS conservation committee

Freshwater turtles face a number of serious threats, from wetland destruction to roadkill to nest predation. Although nest predation is a natural threat, in many areas the number of nest predators has increased leading to higher rates of nest predation. And those nests that avoid being consumed by predators may still end up being destroyed by people. An incident from this past summer illustrated… Read More

Snake Crossing

April 27, 2020
Jade Spruyt

In the White Lake Basin of British Columbia’s South Okanagan, roadkill is a major threat to reptiles and amphibians. Considered a “biodiversity ranch”, White Lake is home to many species at risk and is collaboratively managed by The Nature Trust of British Columbia, the Clifton Ranch, and the Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory to help conserve important habitat. One of… Read More

Catching the Elusive

April 19, 2020
Briar Hunter

What began as exhilaration quickly dwindled into despondency and frustration. The trill of Western Chorus Frogs, which we had spent hours driving in search of, had at first fallen on my ears like life-giving rain, yet now pierced me as a mocking call of defiance. We had found our first population of Western Chorus Frogs. The night was bitter cold, dropping below expected… Read More

Life, Change and Philopatry on Bearpaw Shale

April 12, 2020
Nicholas A. Cairns

An adult female Greater Short-horned Lizard that became ingrained in my family’s life. Photographed here just after consuming a grasshopper, note the “tobacco juice” on her lower jaw. This is not a post about research. This is a post about a single animal: an adult female Greater Short-horned Lizard (Phrynosoma hernandesi) that has been a part of my family’s weekly… Read More

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