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Steve Mockford - In Memoriam (1954 – 2023)

June 06, 2023
Tom Herman

On Sunday, May 21st, the Canadian Herpetological Society lost an advocate and a friend. Steve Mockford was instrumental in the birth of CHS, serving as its first President. He worked tirelessly to nurture its growth… Read More

Fieldwork Reflections

December 17, 2022
Briar Hunter, MSc Candidate, Laurentian University

There is something glorious in the midst of, or perhaps on account of, the unglamorous nature of field work. Entering wild spaces to seek and observe reptiles and amphibians in their natural environment is both… Read More

Traversing the eastern Georgian Bay rock barrens in search of nesting turtles: Does temperature and moisture have an affect on hatch success?

September 25, 2022
Hope Freeman, MSc candidate, McMaster Ecohydrology Lab, School of Earth, Environment and Society, McMaster University

My first experience working with turtles was the summer of 2017, where I volunteered for Grundy Lake Provincial Park’s turtle monitoring program. I was immediately fascinated by how turtles were able to venture on land and choose a nest site amidst the busyness of a fully operating campground. After being fortunate enough to watching a turtle I was hooked. I knew turtle work was for me! That fall, I approached Dr. Chantel Markle about volunteer … Read More

Winners of the worst turtle nest location of the year award

July 11, 2022
David Seburn, Canadian Wildlife Federation & chair of the CHS conservation committee

There once was a turtle looking to nest
Who couldn’t find a place that was best
The road shoulder was a trapRead More

Riding waves with Canada’s most endangered amphibian

March 01, 2022
Briar Hunter, MSc Candidate, co-supervision by David Lesbarrè res, Laurentian University, and Gabriela Mastromonaco, Toronto Zoo

While most of us have seen our social lives struggle over these past two years, not all species were following social distancing rules. One species, in particular, has made significant leaps and bounds in their relational lives— the Oregon Spotted Frog
Read More

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