CHS Committees

Many of the society's activities and ongoing projects are carried out by committees. Any member of the Society in good standing may be a member and/or Chair of any committee aside from the Nominating Committee, which is composed only of Board members. Participation on committees is a great way for members to become actively involved with the society and contribute to CHS's important reptile and amphibian conservation programs.

If you are interested in participating on a CHS committee, please .

The current CHS committees are described below. More detailed information about each committee is available in the CHS Terms of Reference.

Awards Committee: Advertises CHS awards and scholarships, reviews nominations and applications, marks student presentations and posters, selects award recipients and present awards.

Conservation Committee: Coordinates conservation initiatives, liaises with other conservation organizations, promotes or contributes to education programs and develops outreach and educational materials.

Ethics and Diversity Committee: Develops, updates and assists in implementing the CHS code of conduct, brings potential issues related to the code of conduct to the attention of the Board of Directors and provides advice on the resolution of those issues.

Important Amphibian and Reptile Areas (IMPARA) Committee: Solicits and reviews nominations for IMPARAs, supports individuals/organizations in developing IMPARA nominations, posts IMPARA information on the CHS website and liaises with IMPARA property owners and local organizations.

Membership and Nomination Committee: Maintains and tracks committee and general membership, sends membership renewal reminders, coordinates general correspondence, sends letters of recognition and thanks, and coordinates elections.

Meetings and Workshops Committee: Recruits and supports a local organizing committee for the annual conference, assists the local organizing committee with conference planning, and organizes other meetings or workshops, as appropriate.

Publications and Website Committee: Publishes The Canadian Herpetologist and other CHS publications, develops content for the CHS website and works with the CHS webmaster to keep website up-to-date.

Social Media Committee: Administers the CHS social media accounts (including Facebook and Twitter), posts relevant content (e.g., news and announcements related to Canadian herpetological research or conservation initiatives) and responds to questions from members of the public.