Board of Directors

The CHS is governed by a Board of Directors, which ordinarily consists of 11 members, but no less than seven. The Board of Directors is made up of volunteers that give their time freely to manage the society and its activities. Directors other than the President, Vice-President and Past-President serve for three year terms that may be renewed a maximum of two times. The President, Vice-President and Past-President serve two year terms that are non-renewable.

Current Directors (as of January 2023)


Vice President

Past President



Directors at Large

Claudia Lacroix

Student Member

Past Directors (since 2013)

Leslie Anthony
Jonathan Choquette
Joe Crowley
Yohann Dubois
Scott Gillingwater
David Green
Patrick Gregory
Stephen Hecnar
Tom Herman
Briar Hunter

Jose Lefebvre

Jacqueline Litzgus
Steve Marks
Steve Mockford
Patrick Moldowan

Ryan Wolfe