CHS Membership

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Become a member of the Canadian Herpetological Society

Sign up by filling out a membership form and sending it to us. You can pay for your membership by including a cheque with your membership form or by using PayPal. At the Paypal site, login to your own account, select "pay or send money", select "pay for goods or services", and enter our email address infnullo@nullcanadnullianherpetology.nullca.

Membership Overview

Memberships are based on the calendar year and expire on December 31. Registering for the annual conference does not automatically make you a member; to become a member you need to submit a CHS membership form or sign up for membership at the annual CHS conference. In order to receive the member’s discount during registration for the annual CHS conference, you need to be a CHS member by June 30th of that year.

Consider signing up for a five-year membership to avoid having to renew your membership each year. Members receive a range of benefits (see below for full list). Members can also actively participate in the Society by attending the AGM business meeting, voting on issues, nominating award recipients and serving on committees.

Members who wish to play a more active role in the society are encouraged to participate on committees. Serving on a committee provides members with an opportunity to assist CHS in coordinating conservation and research initiatives, organizing the AGM or managing various aspects of the society. For a full list of CHS committees and their respective duties, see the Governing Documents and TOR.

Member Benefits

Members of the Canadian Herpetological Society enjoy several benefits, such as:

Membership Fees

Membership fees are only $20/year for students and $30/year for non-students, and multi-year memberships are available.

As a registered charity (Charitable Reg. No. 88078-1562-RR0001), you will be issued a tax receipt for your membership fees and for all other donations over $10.00.

Although our Directors volunteer their time and CHS does not have paid staff positions, several of the society's activities have expenses associated with them. Membership fees assist the Canadian Herpetological Society in achieving its mandate by providing funding for: