CHS Committees

Many of the society's activities and ongoing projects are carried out by committees. Any member of the Society in good standing may be a member and/or Chair of any committee aside from the Nominating Committee, which is composed only of Board members. Participation on committees is a great way for members to become actively involved with the society and contribute to CHS's important reptile and amphibian conservation programs.

If you are interested in participating on a CHS committee, please e-mail the .

The current CHS committees are described below. More detailed information about each committee is available in the CHS Terms of Reference.

Awards Committee: Advertises CHS awards and scholarships, reviews nominations and applications, marks student presentations and posters, selects recipients and present awards.

Membership and Nomination Committee: Maintains and tracks committee and general membership, sends membership renewal reminders, coordinates general correspondence,sends letters of recognition and thanks, and coordinates elections.

Meetings and Workshop Committee: Recruits and supports an ad hoc local organizing committee for the AGM, assists the local organizing committee, coordinates the legacy fund and organizes workshops.

Conservation Committee: Coordinates conservation projects, liaises with other conservation organizations, promotes or contributes to education programs and develop educational materials.

Research Committee: Coordinates research projects, works with the Meetings and Workshop Committee to coordinate research seminars, workshops and/or conferences and coordinates the disseminating of herpetological research.

IMPARA Committee: Reviews nominations for IMPARAs, posts information on approved IMPARAs on the website, liaises with IMPARA property owners and local organizations.

Publications and Website Committee: Responsible for publishing The Canadian Herpetologist and other publications, developing website content, and working with the webmaster to update the website.