E.B.S. Logier Communications Award Recipients

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Year Recipient Comments
2016 Jeffrey Rowell

The first E.B.S. Logier Communications Award was presented to Jeffrey C. Rowell for his groundbreaking publication "The Snakes of Ontario: Natural History, Distribution, and Status". This outstanding contribution to scholarly knowledge of Ontario snakes covers the biology, history, biogeography, threats and a synthesis of the known history of snakes in Ontario. This is, by far, the most comprehensive book on the snakes of Ontario ever written, filled with full colour photographs and well researched natural history, conservation and distribution information. A work of passion, the humble and kind Mr. Rowell spent many years photographing snakes in the wild, meeting with countless researchers across Ontario and conducting intensive research to ensure accuracy. This book is truly a work of dedication, one that will assist with the research and conservation of snakes in Ontario for decades to come. The foreword is written by prominent Canadian herpetologist Michael Oldham. This volume sets the bar high for natural history books, and was an obvious choice for the inaugural presentation of this award.